Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So much still happening in Japan...

... That Chip has been trying to determine where all of this is going to end up.  As I said in yesterday's podcast, I consider any explosion at a nuclear reactor to be a bad thing so when 4-6 are having problems it really gets my notice.  For that reason, I didn't post much yesterday after the previous day of multiple links, etc. but I'm watching developments and will be sharing my thoughts here and on the podcast as things continue to unfold. 

For the moment here are things to keep an eye on:

More smoke coming from reactors:
More runs on Potassium Iodide:
More runs on radiation detectors:
French say Japan hiding what's really going on:
And on top of all that, food prices jump to their highest level since 1974:

This is not "pessimism porn" folks, this is the world we live in as of today.  Be prepared.

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  1. Like you said recently, "Buy Food Now!" Good advice, and I hope people heeded it.