Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not to be alarmist... But...

I haven't been able to determine the original source of this graphic (ie. who is "Australian Radiation Services"?), but with all the breaking news about the potential nuclear disaster unfolding in Japan it's at least worth looking at and analyzing the below map.  Most of what we're hearing about this part of the Japan disaster seems to be coming from anti-nuke folks, so I'm not certain how much credence to give some of what is being said, but if there is any validity to any of this then we might be in some trouble.
Notice the fallout patterns from this graphic which seems to represent an absolute worst-case scenario:

(NOTE: Some folks seem to be of the mind that this is a hoax, which is highly possible: )

While most indications are the above map is probably a fake there are other sites discussing the potential for fallout to reach the Western US, including Mr. Alex Jones (whom I don't always give much credence to):

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