Monday, March 28, 2011

Radiation from Japan detected in seaweed, water off of Vancouver

I think the "experts" are probably correct at this point about the radiation hazards being fairly minimal to those located thousands of miles away from Japan.  However, the fact that both officials and the media are so strongly giving the "there's nothing to see here" treatment to the still unfolding developments surrounding the reactor meltdowns in Japan does raise my tinfoil antenna just a little.  I pointed out to my wife how certain buzzwords were being employed in several of the newspaper articles ("tiny", "minuscule", etc.) referring to radiation and both of us thought it was concerning. 
I think there is a lot more to go on this story and I will continue to try to provide my honest assessment without being too alarmist.

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  1. Same here in the Boston area!!

    I'm not insanely worried, but the levels must be higher than they are saying, if it's travlled all the way to this coast...