Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Podcasts Posted!!

I'm excited!  Truly excited!  After significant time spent figuring out how to make all the technical "stuff" work I now have some podcasts up and running.  My hope was to get a few ready and "prepped" (pardon the survivalist in-joke) in the hope that people will like the episode I recorded for Jack at The Survival Podcast and be interested in hearing more. 
So, to that end, and without further babbling, here is the site for my new podcast:
Check it out when you get a chance! :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

First Episodes!!

Things are getting exciting around here.  Just this week I have completed recording the first few podcasts of the Chip Monk Family Survival Podcast.  Hooray!
Here are the topics for the first five episodes:
1. Introduction to the Chip Monk Family Survival Podcast
2. Prepping with a Family
3. Survival Fiction
4. Using Checklists for Survival/Preparedness

5. Mini-Podcast on Lever Action Firearms for Survival

Links to follow! :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who is Chip Monk?

What a great question!  Well, first off I'm a husband, father, teacher, author, artist, occasional minister, outdoors enthusiast, sport shooter, hunter, and a plethora of other things.  But I'm also someone who has been interested in Survival/Preparedness topics since I was a young boy growing up in the mountains of Southern Oregon, just over the hill from Mel Tappan.  Around Y2K and again after 9/11 and Katrina, I found myself being drawn back towards topics and themes relating to helping people prepare for the unexpected.  Now, I'm hosting a podcast dedicated to helping families prepare to not only survive disasters, but to help others while doing so.
My wife and two young children are also contributors to "The Chip Monk Family Survival Podcast" in that they are a part of all the fun and interesting activities we take part in as we strive to relearn lost skills of the past and develop new ways of doing things for the unknown future facing all of us.
Thanks again for stopping by to spend a little quality time with Chip! :)


Greetings Reader/Listener!
We're glad you found us in our little corner of the internet.  My name is Chip Monk and I am the host of the twice weekly podcast titled "The Chip Monk Family Survival Podcast".  It is my hope that spending time exploring the information I share in my podcasts will add to your Survival/Preparedness efforts as well as teach you new and interesting skills and change your perspective on what really matters in life.
For those who found me because of my guest host role on "The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko" I say thank you for dropping by.  I am a long-time listener of Jack's program and specifically hope that my contributions to the field of preparedness will supplement what you've already learned through that great program.  At the same time, "The Chip Monk Family Survival Podcast" is designed to be family-friendly and family-safe, so it may also serve a part of the Survival/Preparedness community that desires to share the listening experience with younger children.  I pledge to you to always keep the words used clean and appropriate for families, while offering what I hope will be a lot of useful information on the topics we will cover.
Thanks again for coming by and welcome! :)