Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chip's Survival Seminars (Coming to your area soon?)

I wanted to make a request to my listeners for assistance in something I'm on putting together.  In short, I am gearing up for several 1-day survival/preparedness/disaster readiness seminars around my region or even multiple parts of the country if the interest is there.  If you would be willing to help out with organizing a seminar on survival topics in your city or town (perhaps at a meeting room at your library or something similar) I would be interested in possibly traveling there and sharing a presentation on various survival themes and preparedness topics.  If you would would like to help in bringing Chip to your area please contact me by email at chipmonksurvivalpodcast@gmail.com.  They will be (at least I am working to make them such) unique and interesting multimedia presentations designed to equip people who attend with knowledge to begin or enhance their survival journey.
(NOTE: I would need to at least be able to cover the cost of my travel so there would probably be a nominal charge for attending, or at least a suggested donation, but it would be fairly minimal considering the overall economy.)
Thanks folks! :)

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