Thursday, September 23, 2010

US Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised By Unidentified Aerial Objects?

Reuters Article on US Nuclear Weapons Being Compromised by UFOs.... No Seriously

Put on your tin foil hats for a moment.  This is from Reuters.  Not the Enquirer, although that storied newspaper *cough* has been scooping the mainstream media on certain Democratic scandals (ie. Edwards, Gore) over the past couple of years.  Reuters.
The sci-fi nerd in me says "Weird, but cool".  The rest of me says "hmmmmm"....   I wonder what, if any truth there is to this?  The fact that it relates to nuke facilities is troubling.... 
How does this relate to Survivalism or Prepping?  Well, maybe it doesn't directly (depending on the types of disasters you see happening in the future and UFOs are not one of my major concerns) but it's still kind of interesting.  And if you've ever seen The Day the Earth Stood Still.....  Well, I think we know how the next chapter goes. Watch for a giant saucer to land in DC any time.  Maybe in coordination with the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert faux rally on October 30.  ;)

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