Thursday, September 23, 2010


#1. New Al-Qaeda Attacks on the Horizon?
According to this article the threat is the greatest since 9-11.  Let us hope they are incorrect.  Here is another link to the same basic information:  Looks like it could be "gird your loins" time.

#2. 20 Signs That the Economic Collapse Has Already Started for 1 in 7 Americans
Is this article a little alarmist?  I'm not so sure as it seems well-reasoned in most of the connections it's trying to make.  I suppose if you're part of the 1 out of 7 it's probably spot-on.

#3. House Republicans Roll Out Their 'Pledge to America'
Hmmm....  I'm not terribly impressed but it's better than what the Dems ran on in 2006 to take over the House and Senate (if you've forgotten they ran on little more than "Bush is bad" and it seemed to work).  Not being a big fan of the Republicans what I'm hoping to see is a little more gridlock and less passing massive bills of any sort. 

#4. Jobless Claims Rise Yet Again
Yup.  And wouldn't you know it, they rose "unexpectedly".  Reporters must have a button on their computers that automatically adds "unexpectedly" into any article they write containing the words "economy" or "job market".

#5. Woman Defends Herself Against a Bear With a Zucchini
I guess I was wrong....  You don't need a .44 magnum after all. :)

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