Wednesday, September 15, 2010


#1. TEA Party Candidates Rock the Vote in Tuesday's Primaries
I'm not really a fan of either party, although I definitely (like most Americans) have not liked what I've seen over the past two years.  Ignore what you hear all the 'experts' say.  Something is afoot in the USA and it is going to make the elections in November something fascinating to students of political history like myself. 

#2. 60 Hunters Targeted in "Hunting Probe
While I believe strongly in following all applicable laws, something doesn't smell right about this and I can't quite figure out what.

#3.  More Homeland Security Nonsense (This Time From Pennsylvania)
Okay, once again we have several citizen groups being targeted as potential terrorists.  You might remember what happened back during the first year of the current administration ( ), and it's obvious this is still going on.  What would the Founding Fathers have thought of this?

#4. Allen Greenspan Admits Stimulus Didn't Work (and calls for raising taxes)
It's not like he was part of the problem for at least two presidential administrations that I can think of....  (/sarcasm off)  The reason I link to it is that it's becoming fairly clear for anyone paying attention that the economy is in some pretty tough straights.  Even Greenspan admits it....

#5. A Woman's Perspective on Self-Defense
I've taught classes to ladies pertaining to how to protect themselves, but this great post over at encapsulates a number of different themes and ideas in a single package.  Definitely worth a read for my female listeners.

#6. From a couple days ago: Farmer Sued For Too Many Crops
Talk about bureaucracy getting out of hand, here is exhibit 256,968.  Remember to find out what the zoning laws are in your area as you plan your self-sufficiency efforts.

#7. Chinese Think Tank Says They Will Win a Trade War with the US
Anyone who doesn't think that something is going to come of the rise of China on the international scene is, in my opinion, deluding themselves.  Where's Nixon when we need him? ;)  Fortunately, at the moment they need the US, but that could start to morph and change if the financial crises of the past two years start to escalate as many fear they will.

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