Monday, September 20, 2010


It's probably anyone's guess what they're discussing, but it should raise the personal alert level for anyone who considers terrorism to be a potential concern (which should be the case for just about everyone in the post-9/11 world).  Or could this be related to Iran and Hezbollah?  

This is the kind of event, if it were true, that shows us two things: 1) The world's political dynamics can shift very quickly from singular events and 2) Perhaps the Iranian regime is less in control of things in their country than they want other countries to think (as in one part of their government says one thing and another provides a different response to just about everything that happens there).  Many have been predicting another Middle East conflict, this time with Iran, and while I don't think that's certain to happen it's worth watching what's taking place there.

This is why you and I are responsible for our own protection and that of our family.  If I understand correctly, there is even a Supreme Court case precedent that says law enforcement are not required to protect citizens.  That should be all the more reason to prepare for your own protective needs.

I haven't listened to this episode myself yet, but it looks interesting and appears to cover some topics of interest to CMFSP listeners.  I want to connect people with the best and most useful information possible, so I have no qualms about sending you to other podcasts if I think it might benefit you. :)

This is a forum thread relating to the use of houseboats in survival/disaster situations.  Comments include both the pros and cons of such an idea, and since I know some listeners have thought of this as an option I felt it would be an interesting thread for some of you.

This is a site I found quite some time ago, but related to Episode 50 of the Chip Monk Family Survival Podcast it might be informative for you to go poke around a bit and see what information they have.

And finally, in the category of Weird Weather you may have seen that two tornadoes hit NYC at the end of last week.  From what the article says tornadoes are not a frequent occurrence in New York, so this goes to show that whatever you think you're preparing for you should also try to anticipate the unexpected. 

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