Tuesday, September 21, 2010


#1. Is the FDIC Going Broke? (registration at New York Times required to read the whole thing, unfortunately)
What does it tell us when the FDIC, the public government entity set up to insure banks don't fail has to borrow from banks to stay solvent?  And just yesterday weren't some of the "experts" saying the recession was over? 

#2. Government Hiding True Amount of Debt
When you add in all of the various entitlement programs you begin to see just how gargantuan the amount of money the US owes.  Comparing that staggering amount (many, many trillions) to the GDP and an Argentine-type crisis is probably the best we can hope for long-term.  The one positive (if you can call it that) is that many countries are in even worse shape. 

#3. China Tells US to Stay Out of South China Sea Dispute
Over the past few years China has been building up their military in an unprecedented fashion.  Their new fledgling blue-water navy seems designed for use against the US and her allies and it is likely that the disputes mentioned in this article could ultimately come to a head in future conflicts over natural resources.  Keep an eye on this.  One of the few potential scenarios left for future large-scale traditional international conflicts would be in this part of the world, and there can be no question that China's burgeoning economic might is financing a huge buildup in their war machine.  One solution to avoid financing our own potential enemies: Stop buying cheaply made goods at Wal-Mart.  Just my opinion...

#4. Jimmy Carter Says US More Divided Than During Civil War
Is this washed-up has-been just trying to make news?  I don't like to denigrate a former president but it almost seems like Carter has been saying things either to stir the pot or to sell his new book.  Raising his profile at this time is probably not a good thing as it merely reminds people of the weakness of the current inhabitant of the White House.  Anyway, as far as how this pertains to the Survivalist/Prepper:  Let's say he's righ

t?  What does that mean for the potential for civil unrest?  Violence?  Economic hardship?  So we must analyze his words and see if we can glean any real insight from them, although I personally doubt it.

#5. For the Unemployed Over 50, Fears of Never Working Again

Think of the long-term implications of this.  What percentage of the workforce does this describe?  Probably a fairly substantial portion.  The anxiety of this fear coupled with the inability to find work is a huge concern for a lot of people.  Also, the less people working the worse the economy is going to get.  So....  If you have a job try to make sure you're allocating your current funds to insulate yourself somewhat in case this ever happens to you. 

#6. Mort Zuckerman Says We'll Be Lucky To Avoid Another Financial Decline (VIDEO)
I try to listen to hear what the general "sentiments" are in the media, not because I trust what they say but because often they drive both the narrative and create the very events they're warning against.  For many people this recession/depression (whatever you want to call it) has already been devastating.  Now imagine the job losses continue at this pace for a long time.  How will that affect you and your family?  And what steps can you take now to guard against that potential outcome?

#7. WEIRD NEWS: I Guess it shows the rising power of the TEA Party Movement when even Obama tries to align himself with them
Oh my goodness....  I wonder what internal polling gave the White House the idea that the current president should try to find a way to tie himself to the TEA Party?  This November is going to be fascinating for political junkies like me.  :)

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