Friday, September 17, 2010


#1. Five Men Arrested for Plot to Assassinate Pope
While it's hard to determine how serious of a threat this was, I mention it to illustrate how quickly things can happen in our modern world.  What would the effect be if this had happened?  Worldwide?  In your country?  In your community?  Something to consider, at least.....

#2. Lost Decade of Family Income in the US
The so-called Great Recession has hit many families like a body blow.  If you look back at Japan's Lost Decade in the 1990s you may see some parallels that should cause us all some concern.  Again, the best strategies for something like this is be out of debt and try to position yourself and your family to be able to get by on as little $$$ as possible. 

#3. How Hyperinflation Will Happen in the US
Having studied what happened in Germany in the 1920s and Zimbabwe much more recently the idea of hyperinflation does concern me.  One suggestion I have is to consider trying to always convert the additional cash you have, gift cards, etc. into tangibles at your earliest opportunity in case something like this were to happen and you would be left holding pieces of paper or plastic that have no intrinsic value.  We should never fall into the trap of "it can't happen here" because it can.

#4. Survivalist Forum Thread on on Hobo Cuisine
Hobo food?  Yum.  Well, at least useful.  I make something like this from time to time just to prep my stomach for the possibility of someday having to get by with whatever we can get a hold of in the food department. 

#5. Exhibit #297450 in Leftist News Bias in the US
Why does this matter to Survivalist/Prepper types?  Only that we should always remember that the news we're being fed has a bias of some sort.  And here's a clear case of someone getting fired for not adhering to the Mainstream News official line.  Doesn't hurt to remember to "read between the lines" sometimes to find out what is really happening.  

#6. Poverty in the US Reaches 50 Year High
I suppose I don't really need to say anything more as the headline says it all....

Keep on prepping and have a great weekend! :)

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