Monday, September 13, 2010


Greetings CMFSP Listeners,
Today is Day #1 of my News Briefing/Aggregating efforts.  Here are a few things I'm following for September 13, 2010:

#1.  Tensions Still Flaring Over Mosque
We're clearly in the upswing of a new cycle of the "clash of civilizations".  Whether this will result in more terrorist attacks or other specific acts being justified by these "controversies" is unclear, but it wouldn't hurt to put yourself in the mindset of "what would I do if ________ happened?" and prepare accordingly.

#2. Doomsday warnings of US apocalypse gain ground
Does it seem like more people are waking up around you every day to how fragile our economy is?  In most ways that is wonderful from the viewpoint of a survivalist/prepper, but it also means you're competing with more people for the typical "prepping" resources, which means prices are likely to go up.  I'm projecting that between now and 2012 (because of all of the hype surrounding the Mayan Prophecies, etc.) that we're going to see another Y2K-sort of buildup.  Back then, there were shortages on generators, long-term storable food and the like as 1999 wound down, so it makes sense to buy what you need now if your budget allows it.

#3. Fear as Food Prices Soar
This is a UK-based article, but the basic premise extends throughout the world.  I had projected in a prior episode that we could start to see the direct effects of food shortages over the next few months and you're starting to see a few.

#4. Asteroid Near-Misses Common
Just this past week we had two small asteroids come quite close to the Earth.  Obviously, they didn't hit or cause any damage, but their existence was unknown until just before they passed by.  What that tells us is that although this is a rare event (an asteroid hitting the Earth) it could happen without much warning and then, well, we're living the plot to Deep Impact/Armageddon.

#5. Hurricane Julia Forms in Atlantic
We've had a couple of hurricane events over the past month or so, and here's another one churning up in the Atlantic.  Could be nothing, or could be everything.  Check out my podcast episode about Hurricane Survival tomorrow for tips about how to deal with one if you are in a location Julia might have in her sights.

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