Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday 9-24-2010 News Headlines

#1. Gold Climbs to $1300, Silver at 30-year High
As I've said, I'm not a gold bug but I do watch it for signs of what's happening in the broader economy.  It keeps climbing.  That should tell us something about this "recovery".

#2. North and South Korea Close to War, Russian Diplomat Says
It's hard to believe that there was no real "repercussion" after North Korea blatantly sunk a South Korean warship a few months ago.  In the old days that was called an act of war.  But since North Korea was able to lie their way to a nuke the world community is treating them with kid gloves.  Now think of what happens if Iran gets a nuke.

#3. Food Makers Ready to Raise Prices
This hits directly at the core part of every Survivalist/Preppers' life: the food budget.  We can get by without a lot of things, but food is not one of them.  The solution: buy now at today's prices and stock up as much as you can.  Also, develop some self-sufficiency when it comes to food by gardening, etc.

#4. Warren Buffet Says "We're Still in a Recession"
No, you think?  We're shedding jobs "unexpectedly" every month.  To quote Darth Vader: "Search your feelings.... You know it to be true."

Have a fantastic Friday and weekend! :)

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