Thursday, September 16, 2010


#1. 1 in 7 Americans Living in Poverty
While the definition of "poverty" might be suspect, the basic idea that so many families are in difficult financial situations should be a concern to all of us, as "but for the grace of God go we".  We could very easily find ourselves in that situation, so to be as ready as possible for uncertainty (having food, water, shelter, etc.) before something happens takes a lot of stress away if the unexpected does occur. 

#2.  Foreclosures Rise/Repossessions Hit Record
This housing situation seems pretty bleak even after all the home-buying credits and loan modification efforts that have been made by our enlightened leaders.  I've been more concerned myself about the potential for a massive drop in the Commercial Real Estate market, but it seems that the housing situation is still bad and getting worse.  A lot of this is related to peoples' concerns about the economy and a lack of motivation to purchase a home based on uncertain job situations, etc. So, ask yourself what would it take for people to feel confident again?  Changes politically?  Drastically improved job market?  Something else?  With that in mind, I doubt we'll see a recovery in housing until some of those positive things take place.

#3. Gold Hits Another Record High Near $1278
I brought this up a couple of days ago, but you can see the trend here.  As listener Sean pointed out, you don't want to be purchasing Gold at a peak before it drops substantially so you'll have to determine what the best moves to protect yourself are.  However, just seeing Gold continue to move up in price should be a reminder to us of how fragile this "recovery" really has been and how quickly things can change again. 

#4. Kansas Resolution Would Reaffirm 2nd Amendment Rights
Hmmm....  Why would people in Kansas feel this was necessary after the recent Heller and McDonald decisions?  Hmmm....  Perhaps there are people who don't believe that all attempts to curtail our constitutional rights have really been ended.  Despite the fact that this is on Fox News, notice the institutional media bias against those who believe in the 2nd Amendment. 

#5. Deadly Whooping Cough Outbreak
This is concerning, especially if you have young children.  At times like this I try to remember what is most important and if that means keeping your children away from situations where they could contract diseases as much as reasonably possible then it's worth doing.  Pertussis is not that big of a deal for most adults but can be deadly with younger children. 

#6. Boy Rides Horse to High School
What have we come to as a society that this is news?  Makes those of us who aspire to self-sufficiency/self-reliance want to be even more dedicated, don't you think? 

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