Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stock market drops 520 points^DJI

After surging 400+ points yesterday now we have the third -500 or more trading day out of the past five.  What does such an up-and-down (mostly down) pattern tell us?  I'm not certain, other than market volatility is at a high level and there is a lot of concern about the condition of the world economy.  Our family's personal investment strategy is to not have too many assets in any particular sector but to leave alone what we have and play "the long game."  However, there's a teeny, itsy, bitsy part of me that feels all this uncertainty is just part of the current climate and might be an indicator of some very drastic issues to come.  So my advice is to plan for your family's short-term needs (water, food, shelter, safety & security) and then make your financial plans around that (having some cash on hand if possible for further addressing short-term needs). 

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