Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dow plunges 450 points (again!)

QUOTE: '"Is this selloff really a surprise? The macro data continues to paint a dire fiscal future for the world—Investors are na├»ve to think this is a 'rough patch,'" said Todd Schoenberger, managing director of LandColt Trading. "The ingredients are in place for a prolonged period of the bears controlling this market. Investors need to proceed with caution.' 

After all the back-and-forth we've been seeing it's no surprise that we're down again in the markets, but what is something I can't figure out is where is ANY good news to cause the markets to go up at all as in recent days?  When I look at nearly every economic indicator it seems to project dour news, so what are other people seeing?  I hope I'm wrong.  I truly do.  Being a survivalist/prepper-type does not mean you have to be an eternal pessimist but almost anywhere you look at present shows a lot of dark financial times in the near future.  For that reason, these massive drops aren't really that shocking to me.

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