Friday, August 19, 2011

Bloodbath coming in Libya (not to mention terrorist attacks elsewhere)?

If you have the stomach for it, read the entire piece.  It's a good reminder that different cultures around the world are quite different in their ways of thinking.  This author really captures how those cultural viewpoints could ultimately result in an unbelievable slaughter by the side "we've" been supporting.  But what is really chilling is the final paragraph:

QUOTE: "If Gaddafi has a way of reaching out and slapping us as he himself hits the turf, I suspect he will use it. American interests and personnel, especially abroad (possibly especially in places like Aviano Air Base in Italy), may be entering a notably dangerous period. Guys, look out for large green books with bombs inside."

I remember Lockerbie all too well.  We'll see if this author is right in the coming weeks, but for goodness sake I hope not. 

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