Friday, August 5, 2011

Solar flares may impact communications this weekend

I found the following part of the article interesting:

QUOTE: "Magnetic disruptions also have the potential to affect electrical grids. However, Kunches added that power grid managers have anticipated this wave, using tools such as resistors and capacitors to prepare for the impact of a solar explosion. The potential impact of such storms is historically severe, Bogdan said, citing telegraph stations that reportedly burned down in a record storm in 1859. Moreover, Bogdan said the increasing frequency of solar storms could induce an aurora visible in the mainland United States if the current wave is strong enough. He said that during the record 1859 storm, an aurora was seen as far south as Havana, Cuba, and Brisbane, Australia."

I just reviewed a book yesterday about the effects of an EMP which could be replicated by a solar storm.  While this one is probably not "the Big One" of Coronal Mass Ejections that could happen someday so it's worth keeping tabs on.  

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