Thursday, August 4, 2011

Missing Oregon hiker found alive after three days in the woods

Some key quotes:

QUOTE #1: "A woman who was missing for three nights in an Oregon forest after becoming separated from her boyfriend and tumbling off a cliff was found alive and rescued Tuesday after subsisting on berries and bugs to survive. Pamela Salant of Portland says she ate berries, drank from a creek and also tried to scoot to safety on her bottom because she couldn’t walk."

QUOTE #2: "The Oregonian reported that Salant got lost Saturday when she and Essig dropped their gear near Bear Lake and went looking for a camping spot. After her fall, Salant began following a creek, trying to reach the Columbia River and get help, Hood River Country Sheriff’s Detective Matt English said. She ended up in a steep drainage, about a mile and a half from the lake. "She had fallen off a cliff, a pretty high cliff," Essig described. "She knew she had to get to water, so she scooted her way down this steep hill and found water and drank from a stream." Salant survived the four days and three nights wearing only shorts and a tank top."

QUOTE #3: "He says her adrenaline and will to survive helped save her."

You see, as that last quote demonstrates it's not about all the gear or what kind of MBR you can afford to purchase or whether you can afford to buy a distant retreat.  Quite simply put, if you have a drive and a desire to make it through difficult circumstances you will.  Not that it hurts to have a Survival Plan, of course. :)



  1. Imagine what that poor woman would have paid to have a garbage bag for shelter, a couple aspirin for pain and an energy bar...

  2. No kidding. Makes you think about the value of carrying a few small things on your person at all times. (The garbage bag might be a stretch, but one of those tiny rain poncho packets might slip into a back pocket easily enough...)