Monday, August 15, 2011

Hot Towns, Summer in the City

Although not quite to the level of what we've seen in London recently it's obvious to anyone paying attention that there is an epidemic of "flash mob" violence in some of the larger US cities.  One of the most disturbing quotes in the above stories is the following:  
"Police in Wisconsin will seek hate-crimes charges against a black teenager who confessed that race hatred motivated his attacks on whites at the Wisconsin State Fair on August 4. And newly released 911 tapes indicate that a black security guard at the fair watched while a black flash mob pulverized a white boy." 
Where is the media blaming Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson for this behavior?  They were so quick to cast blame after Rep. Giffords was shot, why not take on those who still try to use race to divide our country?  I truly hope for a day when Rev. King's words about people being judged by their character and not the color of the skin will come to pass.  But in the meantime for those living in cities it's important to keep an eye out for issues that can blow up into major problems overnight.   

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