Friday, August 19, 2011

Heart-attack proof diet?

While not as exciting as discussing Main Battle Rifles or water filters (well, maybe that's debatable) personal health is an important part of a survival plan.  I'm not educated enough yet on the diet that is discussed in this article to really form an assessment but it sounds interesting to me at this early stage.  I have often heard that there are other cultures around the world that do not have certain diseases common in the West so it makes sense that diet might be the primary part of why.  The following quote shows how different this particular diet is, however:
QUOTE: "The Esselstyn diet is tough for most Americans to swallow: no meat, no eggs, no dairy, no added oils." 
The "no meat" part isn't that difficult for me as I don't eat a lot of it anyway, and almost never red meat.  But I do ingest eggs on frequent occasions and drink milk at times.  Sounds like more or less a Vegan diet is what they're pushing.  Still, if it really would remove the possibility of heart attack in most people (it claims to do so in everyone) the tradeoffs might be worth it.  

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