Monday, July 25, 2011

Washington Post: Somalis flee famine along ‘roads of death’

QUOTE: "Tens of thousands of Somalis, mostly women and children, are on the move, fleeing the worst famine in a generation in this Horn of Africa nation. Resilient Somalis have endured two decades of civil war and two consecutive seasons of failed rains. Now, after their livestock and crops have died, and with their babies suffering from malnutrition and food prices skyrocketing, they have given up any pretense that they can survive on their own."

How bad can it get?  Read the article.  Many of us have been blessed to live in places where traumatic events like those described in this article are religated to far-off distant places.  Still, never assume that "it can't happen here".  That's why people prepare the best they can and leave the rest in the Creator's hands. 

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