Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Street: This time it's different.... Sell stocks!


QUOTE #1: "The mistake many have made and are continuing to make is that they view the jobs weakness of 2009-2011 as cyclical. It is not -- rather, it is a structural phenomenon. Employment will not resume (relative to bullish expectations and relative to past cycles) as the overall economy recover."

QUOTE #2: "The wrong tools are being used to deal with elevated unemployment that is being influenced by new factors that include globalization, austerity, the shedding of municipal jobs (associated with local, state and federal fiscal imbalances), technological innovation and the use of part-time employees as a permanent part of the workplace, reflecting mounting health care costs and the costs of regulatory burdens."

Too many people are looking at what's taking place through the lens of things we have experienced in the past.  The lesson of this article (which I mostly agree with) is we.... are.... in.... uncharted.... waters....  

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