Thursday, July 7, 2011

Grizzly bear attack in Yellowstone

QUOTE: '“If a bear actually makes contact, surrender!” advises the US Forest Service. “Fall to the ground and play dead. Lie flat on your stomach, or curl up in a ball with your hands behind your neck. Typically, a bear will break off its attack once it feels the threat has been eliminated. Remain motionless for as long as possible. If you move, and the bear sees or hears you, it may return and renew its attack. In rare instances, particularly with black bears, an attacking bear may perceive a person as food. If the bear continues biting you long after you assume a defensive posture, it likely is a predatory attack. Fight back vigorously.”'

"Fight back vigorously?"  Why not be prepared to do that from the beginning.  Now granted I have a slightly different perspective than the USFS as one of my uncles was mauled and nearly killed by a black bear (and still has the effects of a broken back to deal with to this day) but shouldn't people be prepared to defend themselves if they're going to venture into the woods?  Whether that's bear spray, a firearm (a .44 Mag or better for Grizzlies, although any handgun will feel small against the big bears), a SWAT Team tucked away in a back pocket, or whatever else it just makes sense to plan ahead and bring a sufficient tool to do the job.  

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