Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New CMFSP Episode up with Listener Questions


On the above episode I cover several topics including:

* Mainstay Ration Bars as a survival food (see recent review at Survivalblog.com for more info)
* Fall/Winter planting (link to Territorial Seed Company)
* Debt Ceiling issues (some stories from today on that topic: #1 , #2, #3 )
* Current production .308 bolt firearms options (Marlin X7 (I mispoke-the XLR is a lever action) , Savage-Stevens, Remington 770, Savage 110 (see link for Savage-Stevens), Remington 700, Winchester 70, Ruger 77 )
* Mossberg 500/590 and Remington 870
* Discussion on Cabela's forum about different slug types


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