Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chip's newest gardening adventure-Buckwheat!


This is my second post in a row pertaining to my issues with Gluten Intolerance, but since I believe that problem is much more common than most people think I thought I would briefly discuss another aspect.  I'm about to launch a new effort growing buckwheat in one large corner of our main garden plot.  People say it is easy to grow and nutritious so I'm excited to try it out.  Below are a couple of quotes from the above article:

QUOTE #1: "Buckwheat is one of the best sources of highquality protein in the plant kingdom. It's easy to grow, harvest, and process; it prospers on soils too poor for other crops; and it's not susceptible to any major disease or pest problems. On top of all that, buckwheat is an excellent smother crop for weed control, a superb green manure crop, and a legendary nectar source for honeybees."


QUOTE #2: "Yet few gardeners use it! In all the years we've planted buckwheat for bread and pancake flour, we've never heard of any other gardener raising the crop. So this article is our chance to speak up for an old friend, one that has served us faithfully . . . providing fine flavor and wholesome nutrition while asking for just a little care in return. We think buckwheat is the backyard grain you can bring in a usable harvest from as little as 40 square feet! It well deserves a place in American gardens."

I'll be rototilling and planting over the next couple of days.  We'll see how it goes, but I'm hoping for some good results I can share with you... ;)

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