Monday, June 27, 2011

Global hurricane activity at historic lows

QUOTE: "During the past 6-years since Hurricane Katrina, global tropical cyclone frequency and energy have decreased dramatically, and are currently at near-historical record lows. According to a new peer-reviewed research paper accepted to be published, only 69 tropical storms were observed globally during 2010, the fewest in almost 40-years of reliable records. Furthermore, when each storm's intensity and duration were taken into account, the total global tropical cyclone accumulated energy (ACE) was found to have fallen by half to the lowest level since 1977."

I guess you could say this falls into the "And Now For Some Good News" Department. :) At the same time what does it tell us about global climate patterns? 


  1. For Southern Texas, this is a bad thing. It depends on rains from tropical storms and is currently in a bad drought.

  2. I was wondering if there were tradeoffs from lower risks of hurricanes but I would not have thought of potential drought being one of them. I'm glad you mentioned the impact this will have on South Texas.