Friday, June 10, 2011

CNN: What are the chances of violence in the US because of the economy?

Cafferty's Blog mentioned in Episode 197

If you are curious about the state of mind of your fellow citizens, read the short blog post given at the above link and the glance through some of the comments.  It is both informative, chilling, and will fill you with both hope and dread, at least it did me.  I mentioned this and even shared a few brief examples on Wednesday's podcast episode.  I decided to post it here to as I consider it to be highly worth reading.


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  1. Wow... that was a pretty thought-provoking discussion going on in the comment section of the CNN article you linked.

    Not that I don't think about a lot of those types of things everyday, but every time I sit down and read through a comment section like that it amazes me.

    It seems like there's three kinds of people who comment on these articles:
    1.) Republican/Democrat-haters who think everything is the fault of one party or the other and aren't willing to discuss anything else.
    2.) Religiously motivated people who think a proverb and a prayer is going to help the situation.
    3.) A desperate and disturbed individual who just needs to vent some anger at the situation and express how hopeless they feel.

    The scary part is that the only ones I identify with are the third type. Things just seem to be getting so desperate around here, even for families with two incomes... I scratch my head everyday trying to figure out how much longer we're going to make it on one.