Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Few Preparedness Headlines for Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eventually my plan for this blog is to try to provide daily postings with links to various survival/preparedness stories as they are unfolding.  This post is something along those lines:

More Nasty Tornadoes Coming For the Southern US
"An extremely dangerous outbreak of tornadoes will endanger many lives and property from northeastern Texas into Arkansas, northern Louisiana, northwestern Mississippi and western Tennessee late today into tonight." Click on link for more

Gas Prices Rise for 35th Straight Day, Now Above $4 Per Gallon in 7 States, DC
"Gas pump prices continue to climb, hitting $3.87 per gallon on Tuesday, though experts say the national average should fall eventually as Americans drive less.  Retail gasoline prices have increased for 35 straight days, adding 32.2 cents per gallon since March 22. They're above $4 per gallon in California, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Alaska and Hawaii." Click on link for more

Drought Likely to Continue in Southern US
"The extreme drought that has gripped parts of nine states — most of them in the South — is expected to drag on for several months or intensify, posing a risk for more wildfires, agriculture problems and water restrictions, national weather experts said Monday.  Portions of Texas and a small part of eastern Louisiana are the only parts of the nation that rank in the National Weather Service's worst drought condition category, said Victor Murphy, the climate service program manager for the southern region, based in Fort Worth. The "exceptional" drought level happens once every 50 to 100 years, he said."  Click on link for more

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