Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brazilian school shooter had ties to which religion?

It's amazing how many articles I've read through today about this event that make no mention at all to this suspect's connection with Radical Islam.  Nor do they mention the stringent gun control in Brazil and the fact that despite those restrictions Brazil has much higher gun crime rates than the oft-maligned U.S.  (Notice this quote on the Wiki page: "Although Brazil has 110 million fewer citizens than the United States, and more restrictive gun laws, there are 50% more gun deaths;other sources indicate that homicide rates due to guns are approximately four times higher than the rate in the United States." )  Once again, it's not the freedoms of law-abiding citizens causing problems in our world, despite the Brady bunch talking points so often quoted by the major media outlets.  These awful incidents can happen anywhere (Mumbai, anyone?) as long as there is evil in the world.

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