Friday, February 18, 2011

Twitter feeds and what's happening in Wisconsin

Read these comments and then tell me whether or not we're heading for a crisis in this country.  You have operatives from the President's organization ("Organizing for America" is the same group as the 2008 "Obama for America") going into a sovereign state and fomenting some pretty serious unrest.  Some of the rhetoric is starting to grow quite heated on the ground and in online posts such as those on Twitter.  Please realize that I am not discussing this situation as a pro- or anti-union issue, but rather pointing out the possibility for significant escalation, perhaps in multiple states.  I told my wife a couple of weeks ago that what happened in Tunisia and Egypt could come to our shores if things play out in a certain way.

I am starting to believe more than ever that we could be heading for a civil crisis in this country, as predicted by people like Gerald Celente and Glenn Beck (I'm not a fan of either of their delivery styles, but they may be right on this one).

Keep prepping. 
(NOTE: This usefulness of this link will probably expire after a few days as often happens with Twitter links)

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