Thursday, February 17, 2011

Do you have anything in your survival plan for dealing with deadly giant birds?

Looks like if you're in certain parts of Australia, you should.  But on a serious note, one thing this points out is that people need to be able to think about threats they never considered possible.  Feral dogs running together in packs after a significant disaster?  What could the reintroduction of wolves to certain regions do in the long run?  How about cougars? (A potential problem in my part of the world...)  And so on.  Hopefully you get my point that aspects of the world around us we don't give a second thought could one day pose a threat that we haven't considered. 

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  1. Feral/stray dogs were the final reason for me getting a concealed carry permit. I was trapped in my garage by a stray pit bull one day, and I said that was enough. I needed to carry a weapon to protect myself from the increasing number of feral and wild animals in my neighborhood.