Friday, January 7, 2011

More animal deaths around the world...

I've been getting emails about this from listeners wanting to know what I think.  To be honest, I'm not certain what to make of it all yet.  Some of the "scientific" explanations provided by the "experts" to me are almost laughable (Fireworks?  Come on, then we'd have massive bird die-offs every July 4th in this country).  But then there are scientists saying this happens all the time and that we just notice it more these days because of our interconnected, global society. 
Could be, could be... 
But it's still strange what's happening.  And the biggest thing I've taken away from the coverage of these major animal die-offs is how completely intellectually non-curious most of the media seems to be, parotting the official line(s) without question.  Kind of like their global warming/climate change reporting...

Here's a picture that illustrates the die-off problem around the world:

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  1. Another map, this one is more visually striking IMHO: