Friday, November 11, 2011

Search is on for cause of mysterious radiation wafting across Europe

QUOTE: The hunt is on for the source of low level radiation detected in the atmosphere "across Europe" over the past several days, nuclear officials said today.  Trace amounts of iodine-131, a type of radiation created during the operation of nuclear reactors or in the detonation of a nuclear weapon, were detected by the Czech Republic's State Office for Nuclear Safety starting two weeks ago. After the group reported its findings to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Agency released a statement today revealing similar detections had been made "in other locations across Europe." The IAEA said the current levels of iodine-131 are not high enough to warrant a public health risk, but the agency still does not know the origin of the apparent leak and an official with the agency would not say where exactly it has been detected outside the Czech Republic.

It's little more than a hunch at the moment, but I have a feeling this is going to become an important story in coming days (nothing specific, just a 'feeling').  Perhaps I have this sense as this is similar to what happened after Chernobyl melted down, that is radiation detectors began to pick up increased readings and only then did the Kremlin "come clean" about what happened.  I hope it's nothing serious, but for whatever reason it seems worth keeping an eye on.  


  1. A major meteor "whizzed by" a few nights ago I believe between the moon and Earth? Any connections - they drag atrail that would enter the atmosphere - just a question?