Monday, November 21, 2011

BI: Stock Market Is Following A Frighteningly Similar Pattern To 2007/2008

QUOTE: If we review our history back to 2007 we will remember that the mainstream media, analysts and economists were telling us at that time that the "subprime mortgage" issues were "contained" and that the economy would experience a "goldilocks"slowdown. 

QUOTE #2: However, as investors, "hope" is not an investment strategy.   As investors we must focus on what the market is telling us.   We can hope for the best, which is certainly much better on the human psychology than the depression onset by delving in the worst....   Therefore, what the market is telling us today is a story that it told us previously in 2007.

In a way I think the best case scenario is a repeat what happened four or so years ago.  There are a number of indicators across the board in housing, what's happening in Europe, etc. that make the potential for what's unfolding now in the US and abroad potentially far worse.  Lately I've tried to put on my historian's hat and ask the question:

"When did they first know they were in  the Great Depression back in the 1930s?" 

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