Friday, September 23, 2011

CNN: Global economy alarm bells ring

QUOTE #1: "There's a global slowdown underway, probably a recession for Europe and we're teetering on the edge of one," said Keith Hembre, chief economist for Nuveen Asset Management. "There's just one global economy, one with varying degrees of global pain."

QUOTE #2:  "Investors are losing their faith in policymakers' ability to right these economies," said Higgins. "Especially in the advanced economies, policymakers are lot more impotent than they were three years ago during that crisis. People are very skeptical there's any silver bullet."

Sounds like the financial people are starting to get a grip on what's really taking place.  Which is kind of worrisome....  Think about it, if everyone starts trying to dump stocks, commodities, etc. the downturn can only accelerate.   And more and more of the "experts" seem to be waking up....

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