Monday, September 19, 2011

Chip at Appleseed

I mentioned at the end of last week that I would be attending the Appleseed shoot located about 3 hours from my home.  My experiences will be the subject of at least one podcast this week but I thought I would link to a few of the pictures from the even along with some brief description and then go more in depth with the episodes this week (pictures courtesy of George Hacker).

The drive to the range that Appleseed was held at was beautiful.  Up in the boondocks despite not being all that far out of the second most populous city in Oregon.

There were demonstrations of various mechanics/shooting forms which I found to be very helpful.  A couple of times I would have an epiphany about something and then when we went to shoot right after I could see the difference in how I shot. 

Chip looks on as the Shoot Boss demonstrates another shooting form (I'm in the green shirt/hunting cap second from the right).

Listening to more instruction on the second day of shooting (proudly sporting my Oregon Ducks pride).

Doing the flinch/eyes open/trigger squeeze exercise with my partner (a nice young man who also shot very well).

Listening during lunch time on the second day as more accounts of the Revolutionary War were shared.  I found this part of the experience to be extremely valuable.

The targets quake in fear as we Appleseeders sharpen our shooting skills....

Shooting from the sitting position (I found this to be a position where I shot quite well from).

Your good buddy Chip doing the "shooting blind" drill to prove that having a good "Natural Point of Aim" (NPOA) is key to accurate marksmanship (I am the guy shooting closest to the camera).
Overall, an incredibly valuable experience which you'll hear more about on the show this week.  You can find out more about this organization here:

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  1. The Appleseed is a great program. I've been twice and both times have noticed a marked improvement in my shooting. Can't wait to do it again in December.