Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Changes/Updates on the Chip Monk Family Survival Podcast

I wanted to let my faithful blog-readers know why it's been a bit quiet of late from my end of things. I recently acquired a new web site for the Chip Monk Family Survival Podcast and am working to centralize all my efforts together on a single site. The new domain is: http://www.chipmonksurvival.com/.
My plans are for it to be a combined podcast feed/blog where people can easily locate all of my efforts discussing Survivalism/Preparedness/Disaster Readiness. Once I get it up and running I plan to do more frequent episodes and daily postings.  The blog here will then be mostly specific articles (with illustrations) I have written/am planning to write that will allow me to further explore various topics in greater depth.
Thanks as always for your support as we move this project to the next level. 
Chip :)

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