Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hey Folks,
Still working hard to try to get this blog off the ground as a support site for the podcast.  I'm ramping up some articles that will add significant content to this site. 
Also, I've noticed it's been slow to download some of the episodes of the podcast ( so here's an embeddable player that might (?) make it a little easier:


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    Thanks again for listening!


  1. Hi Chip. I really want to thank you for getting on live vith podcast and blog. You have allready covered several important issues conserning survival and preparedness life.

    Here in Scandinavia the growing concern about the state of the world, and the state of our country's future, is resulting in an ever increasing activity on scandinavias one true survival website. ( More and more people of all ages are taking the small babysteps towords increased personal/family preparedness.
    Survivalism with scandinavian focus is what we are working on. We dont have the same problems as the US and we dont have the same rules of law to obay.
    Wery often the US survivalist/preppers are focusing on weapons of some sort. Here in scandinavia (and most of Europa) It is impossible, in an legal way, to actually get our hands on small fire arms.
    One weapon i'd like you to talk about is the Ruger mini 14. It's not a wery common weapon, but it's perfectly legal to buy.

    Keep up the good work.
    I'm looking forward to several other topics covered by you.


  2. Chip, Keep up the great work! You are giving Officer and I a lot of great conversations over here! You actually made building a Wikiup sound kind of fun! May even have to give it a try for the heck of it!